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Hi/Lo Count

So, count high and count low. Hi/Lo card counting system is a blackjack plus/minus system. Plus/Minus system means that you add or subtract from the count you have. There was a very good guy name Harvey Dubner, who made some kind of a little breakthrough. Why little? Because Ed Thorp did a huge breakthrough by offering card counting in general. Hi/Lo is a simpler version of the Ten Count for the newbies, comparing to Omega 2. The experts suppose that it is the easiest card counting system as of today. It is also recommended for the gamers, who are not full-time players but some kind of the vacation players.

As it is an easy thing, a lot of blackjack teams take advantage of it. Why? The reason is that it is not complicated for the multi-squad blackjack teams to apply and then for the Big Players to join.


As it is an easy system, the count is easy as well. Every gamer can learn it and increase her or his odds in blackjack gaming. The basic count always stays the same.

As you can see, for a certain card value there is a certain count. And you see that a card from 2 to 6 was dealt you add 1 point to your count. The cards like 7 to 9 and neutral and they are of no interest for us and that is why we do not count them. The cards like 10s, all the face cards and the aces are -1 for the count. This system was used by the MIT team. It is a balanced system, which means that in the end of the deck your count will be zero. If not, it means that you made a mistake.

While counting, every card is important, as it influences the further gaming. So, why do we count small numbers as +1? It means that we increased our chance for the higher cards to play with. If your count becomes really high, you just start betting bigger and that it is the whole trick of card counting. If you see that high card was dealt, you just subtract 1 point from the total count. That is how it actually works!

Play Elegantly

Considering land-based casinos, every player should know how to play properly. This issue includes different aspects for you to learn and remember like tipping the blackjack dealer. You can make every game session to be played sophisticated!


Hot Spot

Without any doubt, every blackjack player admires those people who managed to gain millions of dollars at casinos due to their incredible abilities in math and adventurous temper. If you are interested in card counting and its types we are glad to supply you with full information regarding this issue.

Quality Check

We have provided our readers with a list of the most safe and respectful online casinos. In case you choose some other platform for online blackjack you should always check if the game promises to be qualitative and reliable. Start your examination with the blackjack software.