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K-O Count

Once we started thinking about card counting, we should consider various systems of this strategy. Yes, we know that counting is good but the next question is how to count correct so that we will boost our winning chances. Once you learn how to count, you will also face another issue called pit boss. Or sometimes it is a dealer. So, how to disguise your thinking efforts and not to be kicked out from the casino?

Well, the truth is that you are responsible for all these aspects. The pit bosses, guards, dealers and other staff are so well trained that they can recognize a card counting by smell. It does not necessarily mean that the card counters have a special fragrance. No, they just can be different from other simple and relaxed players. The casinos have their profit on spotting and kicking out the card counters because these players take their cash.

KO - Knock Out

If the Hi/Lo system is balanced, this one is unbalanced. So, if in the end of the balanced system you get zero count, in the end of unbalanced system you get anything but zero. And in the Knock Out card counting system there is a small difference, which makes this system a separate system from the Hi/Lo. In this card counting system you count 7s like +1. And that is how you add one number to the low value cards. And when you finish counting, you will see that you ended on +4.

Knock Out Who?

This system was invented for the player's benefit as you can perform card counting only in the live casinos. It is impossible in the online casinos, as the cards are shuffled after each round. And the players get distracted all the time. You turned your head and lost the trace of cards. And you're done for the next rounds.

One of the main aims of this system is to make counting easier for the player. Well, but you are the one, who actually decides about the system to choose for your counting. You are the master of your gaming!

Play Elegantly

Considering land-based casinos, every player should know how to play properly. This issue includes different aspects for you to learn and remember like tipping the blackjack dealer. You can make every game session to be played sophisticated!


Hot Spot

Without any doubt, every blackjack player admires those people who managed to gain millions of dollars at casinos due to their incredible abilities in math and adventurous temper. If you are interested in card counting and its types we are glad to supply you with full information regarding this issue.

Quality Check

We have provided our readers with a list of the most safe and respectful online casinos. In case you choose some other platform for online blackjack you should always check if the game promises to be qualitative and reliable. Start your examination with the blackjack software.