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Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is that kind of game, which requires not only knowledge but also skills and other interesting aspects. Certainly, there are always some useful recommendations for playing blackjack, which can help in increasing the chances to win. If you win more, it means that you will have a better experience of playing this wonderful game. Although, you need all the above mentioned things, you are to be led to the world of gambling and we offer you some recommendations and advice, which will boost your chances in winning.

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Never Split 10s

Once you found yourself in a situation, when you have two 10s, you should keep in mind not to split them. The total count in your hand is 20. You cannot have a better situation of getting closer to blackjack as you have now. Your odds increase immensely and the dealer will find it difficult to beat your hand in this case.

Always Split 8s

Whatever happens split 8s. No matter what opened card of the dealer is, you should do that. Even if the dealer has an ace, it is better to split total hand of 16, which is the worst possible hand. That is how you actually increase your odds and if you draw 10, then you will have one winning game.


Splitting 5s?

Well, just count, what you have in the face of two cards of 5. It is 10 points, which is a good start for doubling. You just double your bet and ask for one more card. That is a wise decision for it.

Doubling Down

Your hand is 11 and the dealer has something up to 11.

Your hand is 10, the dealer's hand - 9 or less.

Your hand is 9, the dealer's hand - 8 or less.

Your hand is 9, the dealer's hand - 4, 5, or 6.

Your hand is soft 13 or 14, the dealer's hand - 5 or 6.

Your hand is soft 15 or 16, the dealer's hand - 4, 5 or 6.

Your hand is soft 17 or 18, the dealer's hand - 3 to 6.

You should also turn to the Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart for other details on the moves, which will facilitate your gaming.

Play Elegantly

Considering land-based casinos, every player should know how to play properly. This issue includes different aspects for you to learn and remember like tipping the blackjack dealer. You can make every game session to be played sophisticated!


Hot Spot

Without any doubt, every blackjack player admires those people who managed to gain millions of dollars at casinos due to their incredible abilities in math and adventurous temper. If you are interested in card counting and its types we are glad to supply you with full information regarding this issue.

Quality Check

We have provided our readers with a list of the most safe and respectful online casinos. In case you choose some other platform for online blackjack you should always check if the game promises to be qualitative and reliable. Start your examination with the blackjack software.