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Omega 2

Talking about card counting. As we have already considered several completely different card counting systems. Omega 2 belongs to the balanced card counting systems, which means that you start with zero and end with it. The gamers, who play the multi-deck blackjack game, can figure out what the true count is simply by dividing real count by the quantity of decks, which will be dealt. For example, you are in the game of 4 decks. You can see that one was already dealt and you figure that 3 remain.

Your running count is +3. Then you divide 3 (count) by 3 (decks) and the true count is going to be +1. And as you calculate, you add a bit more pressure to your gaming. But at the same time it makes the game more precise. It will definitely take time for you to learn how to do it really fast and with a minimum loss in your gaming. But practice will cover everything.

Omega II Counting

Just like any other system, the Omega II Card Counting system has the tag values.

2, 3 are counted as +1

4, 5, 6 are counted as +2

7 is counted as +1

8 is counted as 0

9 is counted as -1

10 is counted as -2

Ace is counted as 0.

If you are playing with one deck, you would not have to do strong and complicated calculations for defining true count. The running count would be more than enough.

Final Steps

And the final stage of the Omega II card counting system is side count of the Aces. It is not a necessary part of the system but still it is a really thing to fulfill. If you know how many Aces are out of the game, you know how many are still left not dealt. And it makes you do some certain conclusions.

This system belongs to a complicated card counting systems, like Zen Count. If you are not profound in the blackjack game, you should take it into account and start with an easier system like Hi/Lo or KO Count. It is always good to think before doing something and in this game it is vitally important to realize all your possibilities and chances to win.

Play Elegantly

Considering land-based casinos, every player should know how to play properly. This issue includes different aspects for you to learn and remember like tipping the blackjack dealer. You can make every game session to be played sophisticated!


Hot Spot

Without any doubt, every blackjack player admires those people who managed to gain millions of dollars at casinos due to their incredible abilities in math and adventurous temper. If you are interested in card counting and its types we are glad to supply you with full information regarding this issue.

Quality Check

We have provided our readers with a list of the most safe and respectful online casinos. In case you choose some other platform for online blackjack you should always check if the game promises to be qualitative and reliable. Start your examination with the blackjack software.